Urban Chaos Smoke Shop

Smoke Shop, Vape Shop & Accessories (908) 450-7474

We are a Smoke Shop & Vape Shop that offers two rooms to explore in.  Located on 16 Division St. Downtown Somerville, Nj.  We've been doing business since 2010, and became the first and original Smoke Shop of our kind in Somerville NJ. We are best known for our variety in merchandise. Carrying a wide variety of smoke pipes which include glass pipes (dry and water pipes), off all sizes and styles, metal, acrylic, wood etc., and smoke accessories including vaporizers( dry, liquid and wax), electronic cigarettes, stash cans, lighters, butane, rolling papers, pipe screens, ashtrays and grinders, and more!! 

 Vaporizers are now up and coming and we have so many to choose from. Our vape pens vary from portable dry vapes, concentrate vapes, and the newer electronic cigarette vapes including MOD's RDA's and their accessories. The electronic cigarette vapes are the best way to get off cigarettes, they are refillable and rechargeable. Way more effective then when Ecigs first came out, with more quality of vapor and better quality all together. We carry anything from your most basic vape kits to the more high end MODs. (Drip tips, batteries, tanks, drippers, Sub Tanks, Box Mods, Coils, Wicks, RDA's and over 150 flavors of E-liquid to choose from.

 We also carry tie dye clothing, baja hoodies, dashikis, Bob Marley, Grateful Dead, Jimmy Hendrix, etc. T-shirts, a ton of incense, incense holders, , candles, oils,  glass pendants, body jewelry, hemp and leather jewelry, tie dyes, room decor, and more! Our store contains two rooms, with great gift ideas.