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Quotes Was in this week and was looking for an electronic cigarette in Somerville, Nj and after going to two shops, I decided to purchase from Urban Chaos because you had a great variety in a simple way, and I felt welcome right away. I didn't feel rushed and you guys talked me through everything, showing me the dos and donts. Your Ejuice selection was phenomenal and I received 5 free juices with my purchase! I'm completely satisfied and you guys will see me soon. Quotes
James lee
Very Pleased !

Quotes I love this shop, been coming here for years. Others just don't compare. The owners are great, their products are phenomenal. Definitely my go to smoke shop for sure. Best Electronic Cigarettes in Somerville Nj. Quotes

Quotes Great experience everytime, and always having the newest, latest products. Seems as though overtime I'm here, I'm getting introduced to something new. I love it here. That's really thinking out of the box. ! Quotes

Quotes The new locations great, and I've had nothing but a positive experience when purchasing anything at the shop. I even one a raffle! Quotes

Quotes Cool shop, cool stuff. What more can I say?? I love the Nice Guy Incense, and my RoOr. (Great Recommendation guys!) Quotes
Jeff R.

Quotes This shop is awesome! Ordered a shirt on Monday and got it by Thursday! Thanks Guys. Next time I'm gonna order me a vape! Quotes

Quotes It's difficult to rvieew a brand of incense, and yet I'm eager to do so. I was first introduced to Nag Champa as a teenager in the mid-1990s at Journey's Bookstore, a now-closed New Age and recovery center in Beaverton, Oregon. It created such a beautiful, delicate, and peaceful atmosphere, especially when juxtaposed with the soothing music of Aeoliah playing in the background. Since then, not a month has gone by that I have not burnt at least a stick of this exotic scent. In fact, lately I have been burning several sticks a day see, after I moved from the Portland area, my primary New Age supplier became Rosebud & Fish Bookstore in Salem. Sadly, the same fate befell Rosebud & Fish and at their going-out-of-business sale I bought over eighty-dollars worth of Nag Champa. I now have almost enough to open my own store! Anyway, like I said, it's hard to write a rvieew of incense. Perhaps I should add that I have since learned that Nag Champa is thought of by many as the classic incense, and it apparently became famous in the US during the 1960s, giving it something of a Hippie association. And I remember once talking to an Indian man who said proudly that this is a very Indian scent (he also told me that Nag Champa is Hindi for Green Jasmine ), which makes sense since it is produced in India under the auspices of the Satya Sai Baba organization. Unfortunately, recent scandals regarding Satya Sai Baba have somewhat tarnished his reputation, but cannot detract from the fact that this is a beautiful fragrance with which I have many positive associations and memories. Quotes